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Wii DVD Player

==[Overview]==.......................Team Symbiote have released a DVD Player for the Wii, now all those Wii modders can jump for joy. It seems as if a lot of hackers were at work on the project and it is a total software solution to get DVDs playing on the Wii. In order to get it working, you have to Burn the application with Clone CD, then boot it in a modded Wii with a homebrew program YAOSM 1.8, when the menu pops up you simply hit Z to unmount, change the disc to a DVD Movie and then hit START to play - DVD movies finally playable on the Wii!==[Movie Controls]==...............................L, Left, and Down = RewindR, Right, and Up = Fast ForwardStart, and A = Pause/PlayB = StopX = Subtitles On/OffY, Left Thumbstick, and Right Thumbstick = NothingZ = UnmountBurn with clone CD, Boot in modded wii with homebrew based mod programmed with YOASM 1.8 (such as wii-boss). When menu comes up then the hit "z" to unmount, change disc to DVD movie and hit "start" to play.
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