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Wii DVD Dumper (Custom IOS) 1.1

THIS REQUIRES CUSTOM IOS37 TO BE INSTALLED FIRST!!!!!+------------------------------------------+| [+] Wii DVD Dumper (Custom IOS) v1.1 || developed by Waninkoko |+------------------------------------------+| |+------------------------------------------+[ DESCRIPTION ]:- This application allows you to dump a GC/Wii DVD to a SD card using the Custom IOS (IOS249).[ HOW TO USE ]:- Run the application with any method to load homebrew. Select the split size, the disc type and insert the DVD disc and a SD card with enough space.[ NOTES ]:- You need the Custom IOS (IOS249) to use this application![ KUDOS ]:- Team Twiizers and devkitPRO devs for their great work in libogc.- All the betatesters.
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