Warioware DIY .SAV with Showcase's microgames 1.0

  1. Presto99
    This is a .SAV for Warioware DIY (DS). It has all the microgames that Warioware Showcase (Wii) comes with. The first four pages are filled with all (72) of the microgames from Showcase. The last page has some of mine, some of the ones from Nintendo WFC, and a boss template (named Mario Paint).
    It also has the 18 comics that Showcase comes with and the 18 records that Showcase comes with.

    It should be 18 games by Wario-Man, 18 by Dribble + Spitz, 18 by Kat + Ana, and 18 by 18-Volt. For some reason, some of the "made by" things are messed. Like for instance, one not from Wario-Man, that should be from like Dribble, still says made by Wario-Man. But, that's not the point. Unless you really care about something like that that doesn't matter. I don't. And I don't babble, either.

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  1. TomTalker
    Version: 1.0
    This helped.
    1. Presto99
      Author's Response
      Cool to hear it! Cool to see and remember I even did this, and that it has 1200 downloads now.