Unban Method by proxy 2019-04-08

This is a metod for get into the eshop in a bened console

  1. Kronos2308
    This is a metod for get into the eshop in a bened console
    Unban Method
    method used by Retrogamer_74 improved and simplify by me Kronos2308
    Will the good cert be banned ?: Probable High

    I will not go into details here only for those who have used the app or know about this
    this is only informative
    Need of a cert no ban
    And a Baned console

    Download and Copy in the SD , reboot

    Use Charles Proxy

    SSL proxying to this URL with the cert no ban
    dauth-lp1.ndas.srv.nintendo.net *

    block this to avoid the logs
    receive-lp1.dg.srv.nintendo.net *

    Once you enter the eshop you are already
    Disconnecting from the proxy is not recommended
    To continue continue blocking receive-lp1.dg.srv.nintendo.net *
    For security and not send posts to Nintendo

    24 hours durability estimation without proxy and without reboot
    With the proxy always connected: Until the cert is baned

    Extra Optional

    URLs to do SSl proxying to get info

    responsable for giving the application_auth_token
    aauth-lp1.ndas.srv.nintendo.net: *

    responsable for sending posts to nintendo on the console
    receive-lp1.dg.srv.nintendo.net: *

    responsable for making the challenges give the device_auth_token and edge_token
    dauth-lp1.ndas.srv.nintendo.net: *

    responsable for login with the user name and pass
    accounts.nintendo.com: *

    Url for user info and social networks
    api.accounts.nintendo.com: *

    It is where the NEWS are obtained
    bcat-topics-lp1.cdn.nintendo.net: *

    info several of login tooken and app token ...

    Send console info for the online, Serial, edge_token as well as say when you stop playing ...
    bcat-list-lp1.cdn.nintendo.net: *

    g23bda200-lp1.s.n.srv.nintendo.net: * // Unknow
    scsi-download.lp1.scsi.srv.nintendo.net: * // Unknow
    scsi-upload-lp1.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com: * // Unknow
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