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Ultra FlashPass EX 1.45 XMenu

For Ultra FlashPass EX 1.0G (udisk version)/2.0G/4.0G/8.0G/16G
Firmware Upgrade Pak Version 1.45_2.52
- After upgrade the firmware, please Format it and copy the "xmenu.dat" and "DSYSTEM" folder to UFPEX root directory..

Loader 1.45

U disk version 1.45; Menu Version 2.52; This version of the internal test version, the non-testing personnel do not use.
1 Optimization of a flash bottom of some of the procedures, there is a need to quickly re-formatted, upgrade before you file backup
2 added a formatting options menu, press and hold the boot into START + SELECT
A total of three options :
CANCEL = cancellation, without formatting
QUICK FORMAT = Fast formatting
FULL FORMAT = fully formatted (not already done Gain said)
3 remove some of the old 3DMENU procedures, the release of a number of NDS Memory
4 Backup four amendments to the filing of a problem, running 1,158, enter the menu SaveBackup sometimes die in the (need to test)
5 removed the wait.bmp improve wait for the nine dots picture rotation, color can be installed in global

X-Menu 2.53

Menu Version 2.53; This version of the internal test version, the non-testing personnel do not use.
1 Global.ini an amendment can not change the color of nine dots problem
2 ROM:Two additional single-card machines did not brush the Download Play support related to the ROM :
0003;0013;0015;0022;0025;0029;0037;0056;0063;0073;0080;0083; 0108;0115;0118;0120;0147;0155;0160;0168;0195;0201;0210;0228; 0241;0284;0292;0295;0302;0320;0323;0325;0333;0367;0368;0371; 0431;0434;0442;0455;0459;0472;0479;0489;0491;0505;0509;0559; 0571;0580;0588;0595;0623;0641;0647;0672;0674;0708;0785;0830; 0836;0854;0872;0879;0916;0967;0978;0990;1007;1012;1013;1062; 1068;1080;1117;1150;1154;1156;
Only testing some of them.Not fully tested.
3 some to be desired :
(1) on this machine to increase the ECC protection procedures. At present, no increase in the protection of all, it was sometimes impossible to guide the machine.Then copy the need to re-rom again, under normal circumstances that's good enough.
(2) found 0,856 machine can not lead should be procedures BUG, after amendments
(3) There is no pattern and Downplay softrst addition to the use of the future to improve it
(4) Open Downplay feature, included in the rom slowed optimized
4 support downplay the right rom icon will display an "wireless" signs
5 If it is found that downplay the impact of the global.ini compatibility can be shut down.
6 compatible version of the site 1.45U procedures, put the card and the original dsystem xmenu.dat deleted, xmenu.dat copy of the new edition will be on the card (to advance backup file)
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