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UCLA Bruins ~ M3 Real

This is my first attempt at creating a skin. I bought the M3 Real for my wife, which she received 3 days ago. I noticed that skins had their own folder so it didn't take long to figure out that if I re-created each pic within that folder the skins could be fully customizable.So with that, I began tinkering with the idea of creating a special skin for my wife who is a die hard UCLA fan... thus leading to a die hard USC hater. What you see is the end result. It took approximately 10 hours to finish... not sure if that's long considering this is my first go at it.If I uploaded the pic correctly you should see this...1. On the top left is the top_desktop file...2. On the bottom left is the desktop file. The icons are in the "off" position when the UCLA helmets are at 100% opacity. When you rollover or select an icon, the helmet goes to 50% opacity and the name of the folder is revealed...3. The top right is what the "game" folder screen looks like when a game is loading. The progress bar spells out U.... C.... L.... A.... when the games is loading...4. The bottom right is simply the image I used for the desktop file (shown only for illustration)The black border in the pic is not in the file(s). It was used to show each screen separately. Well, I hope you like. I don't expect to see a lot of downloads for this as it is targeting a select audience.My next skin will be one for my 7 year old... she's thinking High School Musical... we'll see Take care.

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