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Triplecard EZ 3in1 Test Application 0.1

The rumble can only be set once (it appears), but here is the code, binaries and original text that was forwarded to me by EZTeam. It should allow the use of all the 3in1's abilities with only minor adaptation.

My goal in my co-operation with EZTeam is to produce a 3rd party GBA loader that will allow EZ 3in1 to work with any Slot 1 card, as well as better info for homebrewers to use EZ4 products to their fullest Also, hopefully, the loader I am producing will eventually be extended to work with many cards (F2A, Neo2, etc).

Here is working sample code that uses all functions of the EZ 3in1 from a slot 1 card with read access.

1-Patch the binary with your DLDI, I personally tested it from R4
2-Place a file that is at least 1Mbyte in size onto the root of your DLDI capable card, name it "0001.gba"
3-Run the program, if it hits a snag it will say so.

Sample code and information provided by EZTeam, original copy can be found in "ezteam.txt"
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