Tool 64 1.11 beta 1 REUPLOAD

N64, Nintendo 64, Z64, V64, ROM, converter, manager

  1. SaulFabre
    Tool 64 v1.11 beta 1

    Reupload to GBAtemp of the Tool64 tool for convert Nintendo 64 / N64 ROMs in *.n64, *.v64 and *.z64.
    Original file was reuploaded by @FAST6191, but I think the FileTrip server will delete the file or its servers could shut down without any advice, and the file stored could be lost forever, so I reuploaded it.
    Reuploaded by saulfabreg - @SaulFabre


    Tool64 is a tool for N64 roms only.

    - Displays Rom Information
    - Sorts
    - Rom Byte Reordering
    - Supports all formats
    - Cueing
    - Automatic Unzip/Rezip
    - Automatic Backups
    - Automatic/Customizable Extension Renaming

    - Zipping and Unzipping.
    - Cueing
    - Can read multiple Roms in a Zip.


    N64 roms can be found in several byte formats. Big Endian(z64)
    and byteswapped(v64) are the most common. The names are relative
    to Big Endian which is the "proper" byte order.

    --DWORD formats--
    Big Endian - 0123
    Byteswapped - 1032
    Little Endian - 3210
    *Wordswapped - 2301

    *Only recognizes Wordswapped and changes to other formats.
    Cannot convert to Wordswapped format.