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TicTacToe PSPvsDS

Sony and Nintendo may be at each other's throats with their Wii and PS3 launchings, but that doesn't mean we gamers can't get along. Sony_PSP over at the QJblogs found this uber-interesting homebrew: Tic-tac-toe Wi-Fi.While Wi-Fi gaming with homebrews - and certainly tic-tac-toe - are old news, the innovation we're looking at here is that this game is meant to be played between PSP and DS consoles. Yup, you heard it right: PSP owners can play via Wi-Fi against DS owners, and vice-versa.According to the dev, this game is still a prototype, so we're hoping he finds the time to polish up this little gem, as this is the first time we've heard of Wi-Fi taken this far. We heap thanks over at Sony_PSP for this remarkable find, and heap even more thanks to the game dev for coming up with this groundbreaking development.

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