The Legends Of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Save 100 % 2021-02-25

Save Twilight Princess HD mode Héro 100 % Wii U

  1. kevstar91
    223297FB-A25F-43AF-87DD-09FA9842B67B.jpeg 9C327EFD-21BC-41A5-94F5-B384FDF38236.jpeg Slot 1: 100% Save in Normal Mode, name Shadow (could be changed through cheat codes)
    Slot 2: 100% Save in Hero Mode, name Link.
    Slot 3: Save previous to the Zant fight, it's based off the Slot 1 save, which means it is almost a 100% save as well, but missing the Heart Container you get from Zant.
    NOTE: Both Slot 1 and 2 saves include the bonus Wallet which you get from beating the Cave of Shadows all the way to the end (the 9999 wallet).
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