TGDS-ramdisk_dldi 0.1.2

DLDI driver Desmume compatible! Max 32MB

  1. Coto

    A NEAT ToolchainGenericDS tool. Enables Ramdisk DLDI for emulators mapping a FAT16/FAT32 filesystem to GBA's Slot-2. DSOrganize, SnemulDS, and TGDS Projects can now mount and work with TGDS Filesystem's DLDI code. devkitARM homebrew working as well!!

    This DLDI supports R/W but GBA Slot-2 is mapped @0x08000000 and apparently it's Read only. Not my fault!

    How to: Download, mount a RAMDisk, copy files to it. Then use Desmume, choose Slot-2 (Gba slot) -> GBA Cartridge, choose the RAMDisk!. Launch emulator, TGDS Project now works with DLDI (32MB @ 0x08000000)!

    Compile with dkARM r43. TGDS build is WIP License: GPLv2

    Change log:
    Initial commit

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