Tetris DX - Original Tetris A-Type Music 1.0

Replace Default A-Type Music with Korobeiniki-based A-Type Track from Game Boy Tetris

  1. zfreeman
    This simple patch changes the default A-Type music to the Korobeiniki-based A-Type song from the first Game Boy Tetris.

    The song has actually been in the ROM all along, just unused. No idea why they didn’t include this as an option in the first place! This patch is based on the Game Genie codes found on The Cutting Room Floor.

    Tested on both emulator (BGB, VBA-M) and real hardware. Works like a charm.

    Known Bugs:

    • The preview track that plays on the main menu when selecting the song is incorrect. This is likely due to the previously-unused song not having a preview version for the menu. If someone with the required hacking expertise wants to step up and help, it would be appreciated. It is ultimately a very minor flaw, though.

    • Tetris DX (World) (SGB Enhanced).gbc (No-Intro Set)
    • MD5: 65973d7a1446346294f8ca9d2d1b7e66
    • SHA-1: 7183bcb54dd35f3a07d8fe63339b768f13b8168d
    • CRC32: 69989152


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