Tempcast #70

Tempcast #70 2022-01-04

In this week's episode we dive into the vast homebrew scene of the Wii U, discussing the new Tiramisu environment developed by Maschell. We also talk about how the Wii U is arguably one of the best emulation consoles especially if you have a Tesla. With android phones becoming more powerful by the month, it's no surprise Switch emulators have started development on the major mobile platform. In this episode, we discuss two of them, one of which is the new currently in development Skyline emulator, as well as the controversial Egg NS. Last but not least, we talk about Final Fantasy XVI getting delayed or whatever.

0:00 - Intro
1:45 - Tiramisu Environment explained
10:10 - Skyline Switch Emulator for Android
14:42 - Egg NS EXPOSED?
20:45 - Evercade Hacks
24:33 - Tesla Gaming
28:20 - Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty
29:40 - Final Fantasy XVI delayed / Outro
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