Tempcast #64

Tempcast #64 2021-11-22

Just like the Nintendo console, Tempcast 64 although ambitious proves to be underwhelming in terms of the content it provides. Sure, we have some cool scene news like Pokemon BDSP leaking, as well as the PS2 emulator PCSX2 hitting an important milestone. The PS5 also got "hacked", twice, and we explain in quite poor technical detail why this isn't going to affect the very young hacking scene any time soon. However, this episode is bogged down by a couple nonsense opinion pieces. Do you want to hear even MORE bickering about the GTA Trilogy "Definitive" edition? You picked the right episode, there's at least 30 minutes of it here. There's a couple of other topics we talked about but I'm too lazy to write them in the description creatively, so just check out the timestamps if there's anything that interests you.

0:00 - Intro
2:16 - PS5 Hacked Twice by TheFlow and failoverfl0w
7:06 - Pokemon BDSP Leaked
14:40 - GTA Trilogy "Definitive" Edition
27:55 - PCSX2 can now play every PS2 game (except one...)
30:55 - MGS 2 and 3 delisted
33:58 - Steam Deck delayed
35:51 - Outro
36:34 - Secret post credits scene
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