Tempcast #41 2021-06-01

Sonic Announcements, Uncharted 4 PC, Pokemon News & More

  1. AlanJohn
    In this week's episode we start off with a roundup of the recent Sonic Central stream, detailing all the announcements made as well as speculating about the 2022 Sonic game, joined by GBAtemp Sonic fan and chief editor Chary. Sony's controversial State of Play for Horizon Forbidden West has triggered outrage in the community for some reason, which is why we discuss the changes made to Aloy in detail this episode, along with some STRONG opinions by Relauby. We also give our thoughts about Uncharted 4 possibly coming to PC sometime in the near future. Finally, we briefly mention the launch date reveals for Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl.

    0:00 - Intro
    0:26 - Sonic Central Roundup
    31:29 - Assasins Creed Discussion???
    36:25 - State of Play: Aloy weight-gain controversy
    48:21 - Uncharted 4 PC
    53:56 - Pokemon News
    58:10 - Outro