Tempcast #38 2021-05-10

Possible TX clone chips, Apple vs. Epic trial, and more!

  1. relauby
    This week, we're running a skeleton crew with only Ericzander and Stephen on hand to discuss this week's topics such as the appearance of possible SX OS clone chips, Sony's partnership with Discord, and the possibility of a lawsuit targeting Sony's control of its digital marketplace. We also discuss several big revelations that have come out of the ongoing Epic vs. Apple trial.

    0:00 - Intro
    1:40 - Possible SX OS chips appears on Taobao marketplace
    7:53 - Sony partners with Discord for Playstation integration
    11:08 - Sony may get sued over its restrictions on its digital marketplace
    17:19 - Epic vs. Apple trial starts
    25:31 - Sony charged publishers a royalty on cross-play games if it made more money on other platforms
    32:15 - Epic has spent roughly a billion dollars on exclusives for the Epic Games Store
    33:49 - Outro