Tempcast #36 2021-04-27

RCM loader ban, Sony changes their mind & More! - Tempcast #36

  1. relauby
    This week, GBAtemp's resident lawyer Eric Zander breaks down the extreme legal complexities of Nintendo's recent injunction against the manufacturer of RCM loader devices. Then, we get an informed legal opinion from Eric Zander on the long-awaited ports of The Great Ace Attorney games. We're also joined by newly-minted legal practitioner Eric Zander, who gives us his take on Microsoft and Sony's reversals regarding their online services. Finally, we bring in our expert on all matters regarding the law, Eric Zander, to explain why the PS5 UI is bad, trade stories about the Vita, and discuss the recent rumours of a Knights of the Old Republic revival.
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  1. WiiMiiSwitch
    Version: 2021-04-27
    Tempcast is hilarious but it needs more Ericzander and Jordan