Tempcast #31 2021-03-23

GTA: Chinatown Wars Vita Port, PS4 7.55 Exploit, Super Seducer 3 Banned & more - Tempcast #31

  1. AlanJohn
    In this week's episode, we start off by discussing the recent controversy around Super Seducer 3 being denied on Steam, the implications this has for Steam's policy against "adult" content as well as speculation as to why it was removed. Meanwhile, in the hacking community, good news concerning the Grand Theft Auto franchise - Rockstar has implemented a fix to GTA V reducing loading times, originally found by t0st, we also discuss the recent port of GTA: Chinatown Wars to the PS Vita by The Flow (and friends). A brief mention of the PS4 7.55 firmware exploit is also present in this episode, as well as a discussion around Gotham Knights being delayed to 2022.