Tempcast #28 2021-02-28

Pokemon Presents Reactions, New DS Lite Function Found, State of Play & more

  1. AlanJohn
    In this week's episode we discuss the recent State of Play presentation from Sony, as well as the possibility of more PlayStation exclusives coming to PC. Next, we talk about the recent achievements in the homebrew and hacking community, specifically the "release" of Dinosaur Planet's N64 beta, as well as the DS Lite's newly found TV out function. Afterwards, we briefly mention EA's decision to scrap the "games as a service" model following Anthem's failure. Finally, we give our reactions to the Pokemon Presents announcements, including our thoughts about Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl's controversial art style.

    0:00 - Intro (Eric’s big news)
    3:27 - State of Play roundup
    14:08 - Sony exclusives on pc
    16:55 - Dinosaur Planet beta
    22:52 - DS Lite TV out
    25:44 - EA backs off Anthem Next and Games as a Service
    31:13 - New Pokémon Snap and Diamond and Pearl remakes
    48:06 - Pokémon legends