Tempcast #21 2021-01-10

DSiWare Delisted, Netflix Gone From 3DS And WiiU, Switch Pro Leaked & more - Tempcast #21

  1. AlanJohn
    2021 starts with a bang for Nintendo, beginning the year with a mass purge of DSiWare titles in the eShop. In this week's episode, we discuss what exactly might've led to this, and whether or not it was Nintendo's decision after all. Seemingly in retaliation, Netflix has announced that they will be discontinuing its services on the 3DS and WiiU systems. A new datamine of the Switch firmware has been found to have references two unknown Switch models, or so SciresM from Atmosphere claims, we debate heavily on whether or not a Switch 'Pro' might have an OLED screen. Finally, we discuss some more minor topics that deserved a spot this week - such as Microsoft attempting to purchase Nintendo in the early 2000s, the list of 'free' games going up this month on various services, and Lenovo's new handheld gaming 'device'.