Tempcast #12 2020-11-08

Ubisoft and Capcom Hacked, Watch Dogs Leak, Switch Sales, Xbox SSD Controversy & More -

  1. AlanJohn
    In this week's episode, we discuss the recent ransomware hacks on major game companies Ubisoft, Capcom and Crytek, along with the Watch Dogs: Legion source code being leaked to the public. We also react to Nintendo's financial reports, which show that the Switch has sold over 68 million units worldwide. Our hosts touch upon the recent controversies surrounding the Xbox Series S's available storage, as well as the PS5's, and some backwards compatibility issues brought up by the community. Finally, we exchange our views on Sega selling a large chunk of its arcade business, Square Enix losing revenue on Avengers, and the rumored Mass Effect collection that has already been announced by the time this podcast is released.