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Hi all,

for a class project in machine learning I want to create a model on how fast an average (trained) user can tap up a given button combination.
To collect data I create this little application which records typing speed.

This tool prompts you to tap button combinations and records the speed. It gives you multiple attempts, so that you can get your thumbs to be as fast as possible. It then uploads the data to my server via wifi and prints some stats in comparison to other users. So you get to know how fast your thumbs are compared to others.

These are some example stats that you get when tapping up a sample of sequences and submit them online:


-- Time to record sequence --
your average (ms): 1575.14
average of all users: 1092.48
mode of all users: 1001.38

-- Taps per minute --
your average (tpm): 190.46
average of all users: 274.60
mode of all users: 299.59

your percentile rank: 20.00
your 'tapping IQ': 87.38

total number of submissions:

The percentile rank says how many users's averages are slower than yours. The 'tapping IQ' is the position on a bell curve if we map all users' averages onto a normal distribution with mean 100 and standard deviation 15 (i.e. like a modern IQ test).

you can submit either via wifi directly, or you can take store your recording on your fat card, and submit it online at Please don't submit data from emulators (unless you use the desmume 'yopyop' username which i can filter out later).

You can find the app at

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[Images not permitted - Click here to view it]

Try it out!


EDIT: in retrospect, I should've put 'DS...' in the title ;-)

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