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Supercard firmware 1.85 (rumble)

Update(2008.03.18)firmware 1.85 releasedALL SUPERCARD SLOT2 seriesFixed: the MoD (Moogles of Death) Thank You screen of 2107Q:How to upgrade the firmware?A:Download it and unzip it into root directory of TF/SD card;turn on ds and run it as run a game.Make sure it cannot be turned power off when upgading!Q:My firmware is too old,may I upgrade it to the newest directly?A:It is absolutely decided by the postfix name:.BIN (FULL firmware,it is able to be upgraded to the newest directly).SCU (PATCHED firmware,it needs to be upgraded to the newer step by step;otherwise you will get two white screens.)Q:Why does it appeare English ...... XXXX after being coped firmware files?A:Because maybe you are using SC of English Version;firmware(Chinese version) could not be used with SC (English version).Up to now,there are different between SCL series and SC rumble series according to firmware in SC SLOT 2 series.SC (English version) must use firmware(English version);SC (Chinses version) should use Firmware(Chinese version).

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