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Supercard DS-One Triple Loader

This file is called MSFORSC.nds. You need it to load 3 firmwares on your Supercard DS-One at once. It allows you to run the original Supercard shell, the TopToyDS menu, and YSMenu.INSTALL)1. Install original supercard dsone shell into your sd card.2. Install YSMENU or TTMENU into your sd card.3. rename original MSFORSC.NDS(in your sd card) to SC-DSONE.NDS or SCDSONE.NDSif you want to make a primary shell as supercard shell, rename to SCDSONE.NDS.if you want to make a primary shell as dstt shell, rename to SC-DSONE.NDS.4. Copy MSFORSC.NDS into your root of sd card.5. Optionally, Copy TTMENU.NDS in to your root of sd card. (to swtich ttmenu from supercard shell)USAGE)No key pressing: booting with Primary Shell. (SCDSONE.NDS or TTMENU.DAT)X-Key pressing: booting with secondary shell.(TTMENU.DAT or SC-DSONE.NDS)Y-Key pressing: booting with ysmenu.ndsI'm uploading this file because bliss' site gives a 404 error when you try to download it. So enjoy! :yayds:
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