Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits Checklist ؜

The .zip contains the spreadsheet in .ODS and .XLS format

  1. Petraplexity
    Spreadsheet. Please note, only the 1297 Spirits available in the base game are listed in this spreadsheet.

    This spreadsheet is aimed to aid in collecting every Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    The first column denotes whether you have collected the Spirit. Place a "1" in rows for each Spirit you have collected.
    The second column is the Spirit's number.
    The third column is the Spirit's name.
    The fourth column is the Spirit's type.
    The fifth and sixth columns indicate whether the Spirit is enhanceable or enhanced, or summonable, respectively.

    To the side, at the top of the spreadsheet, there is a counter which displays how many Spirits you have collected and how many Spirits are missing.

    Compatibility has been tested as working, but is not guaranteed. Custom styles are used, and the document was created in OpenOffice. Your mileage may vary.

    Credit for the original table goes to jackieboy87 on GameFAQs.