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Super Robo Gakuen Menu Translation

-IMPORTANT- I used Rudolph's patch, so this patch might not work for some flashcarts.The game ID become C2YJ 19D26A76srg-patch2 contents :* Battle menu* Status menu* Some mecha & pilots* Some mecha & pilot skills* Some attacks* 94% parts & description* Complete spirits' description* Other menu-WARNING- Spirit's names aren't translated, if you use this patch, don't complain about it.How to patch :1. Download the patch and xdeltaUI, extract them all (put in 1 folder)2. Double click xdeltaUI3. There are 3 boxes : Patch, Souce File, and Output File4. Click "Open" beside Patch box, choose "srg_patch2.xdelta"5. Click "Open" beside Source File, choose the CLEAN ORIGINAL ROM of Super Robo Gakuen (I assume you already have it)6. Click "..." beside Output File box, type in the name you want (e.g. SRG-patched.nds)7. Click "Patch", wait untill "File patched successfully"8. Copy the patched rom (e.g. SRG-patched.nds) into your microsd.9. You can play it.Download patcher : Kaioshin's Xdelta UI :
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