Super Mario Bros: Vanilla Islands 2021-05-06

A Choco-Nilla hack with SMB1-style progression (sort of)

  1. GammaPrime
    I mentioned in my last status update that I was considering making "a simple SMW hack with SMB1-style level progression and vanilla aesthetics." This is it. Super Mario Bros: Vanilla Islands is built using mostly vanilla graphics as a foundation. This doesn't mean that they haven't been edited, sometimes heavily so, to suit my purposes. This hack has 8 themed worlds, each with 3 normal levels and a castle (This is what I meant by SMB1-style level progression).

    VI000.png VI001.png VI002.png VI003.png VI004.png VI005.png VI006.png VI007.png VI008.png VI009.png VI010.png VI011.png VI012.png VI013.png VI014.png VI015.png VI016.png VI017.png
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