Super Mario Advance 4 (Wii U Virtual Console Patch) .xdelta format

Allows you to play all 38 e-Reader levels in one US ROM!

  1. CeeDee
    The Super Mario Bros. 3 remake Super Mario Advance 4 on the Wii U eShop contains every single e-Reader level in the ROM itself, which was embedded in the Wii U's Virtual Console emulator.
    GBAtemp users in this thread, including @VinsCool and @Hiccup. assisted to extract the ROM and make an .xdelta patch, to be applied using the Xdelta program to the (USA, Australia) (Rev 1) version of Super Mario Advance 4. This patch will allow you to play any of the e-Reader levels released.
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  1. Scott_pilgrim
    Version: .xdelta format
    Yes finally