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SkinTester 1.7

CycloDS Evolution Skin Tester v1.7

With this program you can test CycloDS Evolution skins - without to copy them on your DS.
Copy the "SkinTester.exe" directly into the skin-folder with the skin.xml-file and start it.
You can run it also from any directory without a "skin.xml". Go into the "Tools" menu and click "Load Skin" to select one. If you use older versions of Skin Tester, you will be asked for the skin, when the program starts.

Skin Database
You need an open internet connection to browse the skin database.
Open the database in Tools-Menu. On the left side, you can select the category. Then the skins should list on the right side (20 skins per page). Double click them and they will load into skintester. There you can save it (Tools-menu -> Save Skin As).
Make sure, that you have some free space on your hard disk - the data will be stored in program folder.

How to use Plugins:
Plugins are simple *.dll files. Copy them to the program directory.
The plugin filenames should start with "pi_". One plugin can also
start with "pia_". This will be auto-loaded on program-start. You
can switch the active plugin in Tools-Menu > "Skin-Module".
I will add later example code how to write plugins.

Additional Features:
- skin.xml Editor
- "Alpha-transparency" mainmenu icon creator
- create a zip-archive from loaded skin
- 1 included skin
- included skinning helper graphic
- create screenshots
- plugin support

Some screenshots:

1.0 (27. 06. 2007):
- unofficial version
1.1 (02. 07. 2007):
- unofficial
- improvements in xml-loading
- toggle buttons
- no transparency in settings-selector
1.2 (03. 07. 2007):
- XML-Editor
- Enable Cheats View
1.3 (03. 07. 2007):
- (Alpha-)Transparency Mainmenu Icon Tool
- Current loaded skin can be packed to zip-archive
- my first skin included in exe
- helper graphic for placing mainmenu icons included in exe
1.4 (05. 07. 2007):
- automatic redrawn preview in xml-editor
- create screenshots
- bugfix: add file extension when save transparent mainmenu icons
- bugfix: title from saving skin helper graphic
- bugfix: black selection colors are not displayed
1.5 (06. 07. 2007):
- skintester can work from any place
- create new skins (it writes dummy graphics and xml into a folder)
- load (another) skin
- simulate 16-bit colors like on the nds
- small changes in tools menu
- bugfix: selections now goes to full screen-width
1.6 (19. 07. 2007):
- screenshot mode can be disabled
- plugin support to add skin testers for other os
- warning if bitmap is no 24 bit bitmap
- convert them to 24 bit
- bugfix: cheat view text have now window text color
1.7 (31. 07. 2007):
- warning, if image not exists
- new color window (with dynamic set of color while you select it)
- screen pipette
- small change in combined screenshot
- load combined transparent png image into transparent main menu icon tool
- extensions in plugin api
- skin database (beta)
- small other bugfixes and changes

System Requirements:
- Windows-PC (tested only with german WinXP)
- DirectX >= 7
- Skin Database: Internet Connection
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