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Simon for Nintendo Wii

Simon for Nintendo Wii---------------------------------Everyones favourite memory game makes it to the Nintendo Wii.Author:------------------teknecal ([email protected])www.wiiregionworld.comUsage:------------------Run the included ELF with your favourite method to boot homebrew.Uses the Wiimote Controller.Use the Wiimote as below & rotate 45 degrees clockwise (you'll get the hang of it).[ + - - oo]Up Button = RedRight Button = GreenLeft Button = BlueDown Button = YellowHistory:------------------5 June 2008 (v0.3)- Now uses the Wiimote3 June 2008 (v0.2)- Added graphics and sound30 May 2008 (v0.1)- Initial ReleaseNotes:------------------In the main screen, use up and down to increase / decrease the animation speed.Source code is included :)Credits:------------------Uschghost - Used your snake source to start off v0.2 as it was a fine example of a game that had graphics and [email protected] - Used your Bmp2Gc applicationPaul ( - Used images/sounds from your simon game

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