SDSetup Homebrew App alpha v0.3

Homebrew version of SDSetup

  1. alpha v0.3: bug fixes and some new additions

    More bugfixes and a couple new additions


    • The app now contains an autoupdater and will update itself when it sees a new version available.
    • Version numbers are now displayed next to each package.
    • The download progress screens now have icons.
      • In the future there will be a spinner to indicate the download is still active and the app is not frozen, but I need threading to get fixed in LovePotion first.

    • The file downloaded to the SD card is now correctly deleted.
    • The app now exits to the home menu after a download to "fix" (workaround) a bug where hbmenu would hang if you tried to launch another app after downloading with SDSetup.
      • This will be fixed properly in the future.
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