SDSetup Homebrew App alpha v0.3

Homebrew version of SDSetup

  1. alpha v0.2: fix major issues

    This release fixes all glaring issues with the app

    • App now has a cursor to allow use of the app with controllers:
      • Left stick to move the cursor
      • Right stick to scroll the page
      • ZL to multiply the cursor and scroll speed by 0.5
      • ZR to multiply the cursor and scroll speed by 2
      • A to select
    • The app will now display a message if it cannot connect to the server (no internet or backend server is down)
    • Significant improvements to memory usage and fixed a memory leak
      • You can use the app through album now without crashes!
    • Fix crash when extracting packages with deep directory trees when the folders were not already present
      • Fixes Edizon, ReiNX, probably others
    Still not confident enough with memory usage to allow RetroArch (selecting all packages including RetroArch + cores is > 500MB, larger than the maximum album memory in the first place), I'll see what I can do in the future.
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