SaveGame Manager GX r127

  1. atlanx
    A Savegame/Mii manager for the Wii which allows you to Install and Extract savegame files and Mii's.

    * SDHC and USB2 support
    * USB support FAT, NTFS and EXT2FS
    * Official saves support (data.bin)
    * Protected saves support
    * Mii Support
    * Multilanguage support
    * Custom Font support
    * Themes support (direct download on
    * SaveGame download (direct download on
    * GameTDB support
    * Display informations about Savegames/Data.bin in a special window
    -- (Name, Subname, ID, BlockSize, Icon)
    * Display informations about Miis in a special window
    -- (Name, Creator, Date, Gender, Favorite Color)
    * Extract, Install, Delete, Copy, Move fonctions are available
    * Custom Background Music support (AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV)
    * Online AutoUpdate
    * Homebrew Browser
    * Channel Browser
    * WiiLoad .dol receiver
    * Widesreen support
    * ScreenSaver

    Forwarder can be downloaded there:

    For the virtual Wii in the Wii-U you have to use this version: