Rising of the Shield Hero Theme 0.1

Nintendo Switch theme in NXTheme format

  1. Gigaboy
    Screenshots of The Rising of the Shield Hero theme. Credits in README.md file.

    2019052022552700-57B4628D2267231D57E0FC1078C0596D. 2019052022553100-57B4628D2267231D57E0FC1078C0596D. 2019052022553600-57B4628D2267231D57E0FC1078C0596D.

Recent Reviews

  1. Coldex
    Version: 0.1
    Works in 8.0.1 ?
    1. Gigaboy
      Author's Response
      My Switch is 8.0.1 and that's what I use to test the themes, so it does work in 8.0.1, but I haven't tested on any other firmware.