Rhapsodii Shima 2.0

WiiFlow Lite theme

  1. Tetsuo Shima
    rhapsodii_shima logo.

    This is a fork of the Rhapsodii theme by @Hakaisha. I took inspiratation by Hyperspin and Emulation Station interfaces.
    This is my love letter to the Wii scene, I hope you will enjoy it.

    -Sleek interface inspired by the popular Hyperspin and Emulation Station
    -Complete set of backgrounds, for each emulated system
    -Complete set of hi-quality sourceflow buttons and icons (including some alternates for PAL, NTSC and JAP console versions)
    -Complete set of source menu icons (if you don't want to use Source Flow mode)
    -Bottom bar with controls guide and nice transition animation
    -Some new coverfows (including Homebrew channel flow) and some alternate ones to choose (PC Big box)

    To use this theme you'll need the latest Wiiflow Lite beta, that's using platform.ini to manage custom backgrounds.
    You'll also need to organize your source menu with tiers. I've included pre-made ini files in the second download link that you can edit to your liking.
    Back up your source_menu.ini before installing these ini files, because it will be overwritten.


    A few systems like the BBC micro or Supergrafx are not yet included in platform.ini, but they will be added in future WFL releases. They will not work at the moment but I already included icons and backgrounds for them. Please let me know if I forgot some systems.

    Thanks: @Hakaisha, @fledge68, @Wiimpathy for your kindness and support