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    Extract the archive to the root of the device where wiiflow's installed and overwrite all files.
    You can change the magic numbers in all the ini files inside wiiflow/source_menu/Rhapsodii Shima/ according to your plugins.*
    Launch Wiiflow and go to Settings page 2. Switch Theme from 'Default' to 'Rhapsodii Shima', or just reload the cache if you were already using it.
    Go to Settings page 12 and click on the Source menu settings button. Set Enable Sourceflow and Sourceflow Smallbox to 'On'. This will switch to the Sourceflow mode (Hyperspin and EmulationStation style).
    For a nice Homebrew Channel effect (see the screenshots below), go to Settings page 12 and click on the Homebrew Settings button. Turn Coverflow Smallbox to 'On' and Box Mode to 'Off', then go back and press 1 or 2 on the wiimote until you reach smallflow 6 (unlock coverflow layouts first in Settings page 12).

    0.png 11.png 18.png 14.png 13.png 1.png 2.png 7.png 3.png 8.png 12.png 10.png 16.png 17.png 15.png 4.png 5.png 6.png

    No need to backup your source_menu.ini anymore. In Wiiflow 5.4.0, a subfolder is used for themes.

    This is not mandatory, but to be fully appreciated, this theme should be used on Wiiflow 5.4.0, in conjunction with Wiiflow's Database by Wiimpathy.
    I suggest you to install them before Rhapsodii Shima, because it uses a slightly updated platform.ini. Otherwise, just make sure you don't overwrite Rhapsodii Shima's platform.ini, or just reinstall the theme as a last step.
    The CreateCat application is also recommended to have separate and pre-compiled categories for wii/gc and plugin games, according to the database.
    Wiiflow 5.4.0

    If one background isn't correctly displayed, you are either:
    1) using a wrong magic number
    2) you're missing the .dol plugin file in wiiflow/plugins
    3) you edited platform.ini, changing magic numbers and/or platform names
    How to fix:
    1) Open wiiflow/plugins_data/platform.ini and always use magic numbers from there. Put them in your source menu and plugin ini files.
    2) Download the Abz's master pack for plugins. Search for wiiflow plugins in the gbatemp forums, for updated ones.
    3) Never edit the platform.ini file. Reinstall it form this archive if necessary.

    Thanks: @Hakaisha, @fledge68, @Wiimpathy, @Danimalzpwn3, @WesMods
    Change log:
    -Updated folder structure: added the missing source_menu parent folder for Rhapsodii Shima.
    -Updated Installation instructions and Troubleshooting.

    - Full support to Wiiflow 5.4.0 features.
    - From now on, this theme will be mirroring Wiiflow's version number.
    - Updated the controls guide in the top and bottom bars with Wiiflow 5.4.0 controls.
    - Correct size for banners, snapshots and other artworks. No more overlapping buttons.
    - A completely remade settings menu.
    - Some new button and graphics.
    - Added all missing magic numbers to the source menu. All Coverflows are now working with the proper background., even when no games are found.
    - Added support for Supergrafx and Game & Watch.
    - Support for both Source Menu and Sourceflow.
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