Red Nintendo Theme by Jibbz 2020-05-13

Red Nintendo Theme by Jibbz

  1. Jibbz
    Red Nintendo Theme by Jibbz


    Make sure you set your OFW switch theme to the dark theme before installing.

    Tested on atmosphere-0.11.1-neutos CFW on OFW 10.0.1

    and installed using NXThemes Installer 2.3.1


    2020051321221900-57B4628D2267231D57E0FC1078C0596D.jpg 2020051321225400-CF99E5A89997DEB91E571D16DB468578.jpg 2020051321243200-57B4628D2267231D57E0FC1078C0596D.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. satel
    Version: 2020-05-13
    i like your creativity & how you placed the thumbnails to the right side,any chance i can request an old school GAME&WATCH theme & if possible is light & also dark color ? many thanks
    1. Jibbz
      Author's Response
      Thanks ....I'll see what i can do with a Game and Watch theme .