Rayman PSP Beta 2

Rayman PSP is an unfinished concept recreation of the original Rayman game.

  1. FouadtjuhMaster

    Rayman PSP started as an unfinished concept idea, originally developed by Equilibrium369. Due to reasons he was unable to continue the project. The project was later taken over by PowerPatrick, Chilly Willy, Phoebius while wSteevflores and FouadtjuhMaster were later added to the mix.

    The project didn’t last long, which was a sad thing for PSP Rayman fans. Developed in C using PSP SDK with the OldSchool Library Framework, and good sprites, only a debug stage was playable. In the debug stage, you could jump, and walk around. There weren’t any obstacles or enemies like the original Rayman game, on which Rayman PSP was based on.​