R4iTT Fix for DSi 1.4.1 1.0

  1. haddad
    1> Download the latest R4iTT V1.6 kerenel and R4iTT 1.41 Updation;
    2> Decompress both of them onto root directory of your Memory card;
    3> Get r4i_flashdata.bin and UpdateToolerV13.nds two patches after decompression of R4iTT 1.41 Updation;
    4> Do not update your DSi console into V1.41 before these two patches being updated on your R4iTT cart;
    5> Power on DSi 1.41 with R4iTT & Memory card inserted;
    6> Find and Run UpdateToolerV13.nds;
    7> Do and Follow the Instruction from Screen, and Complete the Updation.