R4i RTS Penta Boot 1.5d

  1. deshayzilla
    This is a 5 in 1 firmware pack for R4i RTS. It contains the official R4i RTS and iTouch firmware, the M3 iSakura (porting Sakura isn't possible), and mine WoodR4 for M3 and YSM3.


    Copy every file on your SD card.
    Default the iTouch firmware will boot.
    Hold X for WoodR4 for M3.
    Hold Y for the original firmware of R4i RTS.
    Hold B for M3 iSakura.
    To boot YSM3 load any of the other firmware and load YSM3.nds.

    You can read further information about my WoodR4 for M3 and YSM3 from here:

    Made by DeGladiator Romulation.