R4i Advance (Modified Firmware) 3.0r8

  1. BrianXP7
    A modified R4i Advance (DSTTi Clone) firmware that boots into RetroGameFan's DSTT Menu. This also includes language revisions (English only), new themes, and other enhancements.

    Resources used:
    R4i Advance Firmware: v3.005 (04-29-2012)
    RetroGameFan's DSTT Menu: v6.82 (08-05-2012)
    rubbish.guy's DSTT Menu Theme: 12-30-2008
    DoS's R4 and YSMenu Theme: 10-09-2007
    Moonshell: v2.10 Child Zwai Edition (08-31-2008)
    Cheat Database: 07-22-2012

    Resources listed above belong to their rightful and respectful owners.