R4DS Kernel (NEW UPDATES) 1.19

New Updates For The R4DS.

  1. LeonPro12
    New Updates for the R4DS:

    Current Version: V1.19

    Works with:
    DS Phat, DS Lite, DSi, 2/3DS Series

    Whats new?:
    - Wood Kernel in the R4 Menu
    - Better Game Support
    - Faster Menu Scolling
    - MoonShell 2 Integrated
    - Bigger Cheat database (Thanks to DeadSkullzJr)

    Known Bugs:
    - Don't press SELECT while in the Main Menu (You can
    change the skin, if you press START in the game menu).
    - Loading the game menu takes a bit longer on an slow

    Spinal. Spinal_Cord: https://gbatemp.net/members/spinal_cord.90607 (Main Menu)
    DeadSkullz. DeadSkullzJr: https://gbatemp.net/members/deadskullzjr.433460 (Cheat Database)

    IMAG0559. IMAG0560.
    IMAG0562. IMAG0563.

    If anyone, that has the rights to a part or the
    full Content, just ask me (via PM or E-Mail
    (leon.gerstberger.lg@gmail.com)) and I'll remove it.

Recent Updates

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