Quake Remastered 100% Save File (Switch)

Quake Remastered 100% Save File (Switch) v1.0

Save file for Quake Remastered on Nintendo Switch with everything unlocked and completed.
The save file was created and dumped using JKSV. It should be restored using the same save manager homebrew application.
(It could theoretically be restored through Edizon as well, if the user knows the proper file/folder structure where it should go)

The save file includes the following:
  • Individual save for each of the main 5 campaigns' last level in Hard mode.
    • 1stsave for the last level of Quake's campaign, 2nd save for Scourge of Armaggon's, 3rd for Dissolution of Eternity's, etc.
  • All main campaigns finished and completed in both Nightmare and Hard modes.
  • All secret missions unlocked.
  • All Achievements unlocked.
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