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Puzzle Dungeon Advance v1.0

Puzzle Dungeon Advance features 100 levels of puzzle fun. In each level, you face several blocks, holes, and other bstacles. You encounter several different colors of blocks, and each has goal spaces that are of the same color. Your job is to cover all of the goals spaces with blocks of the same color (i.e. cover the red goals with red blocks and the blue goals with blue blocks). This might sound simple, but after you try pushing the blocks, you will see how tricky it becomes. There are seven different types of blocks, and you need to discover the movement rules of each one (for example, when your character pushes a red blocks, all other red blocks on the screen move in the opposite direction).

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    Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy: Monitor supports HDR, which means I can finally try out the RTX HDR mod. Pretty neat +1