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pspchip8 1.0

General Info:
About a week ago I wrote a Chip8 emulator as a first emulator project, so
I decided to bring it to the PSP. Chip8 is a very simple virtual machine
that could run very simple programs. Games were ported to Chip8, which
are now public domain, so I have included them in this package. SChip8
was an improvement on Chip8 (bigger screen & bigger instruction set),
and could play some more complex games. This emulator currently can only
run Chip8 games, but the next version will support SChip8 programs.
- For more info on Chip8:

Next Version:
The next version will include a fix for the bug in tetris (which may be
in other games too), SChip8 compatibility (more sophisticated and interesting
games), and the "beep" sound implemented.

- Get the program on the memory stick (specifics depend on your PSP version)
- Copy the games directory anywhere to the memory stick (the emulator has
a built in mini file browser).

- File Browser:
* Up/Down = Navigate from directories/files
* Triangle = Up a directory
* Circle = Select a file/directory

- During Game:
* START = Pause
* SELECT = Quit to file browser (only works in pause menu)
* Triangle = Restart game (only works in pause menu)

- Use the home button to quit the whole emulator.

- Thanks to ector for his help and the chip8 emulator project idea.
- Thanks to ReKleSS for his help and his raster graphics library.
- Thanks to all others not mentioned because I'm an idiot and forgot.

Right now I am just releasing the binary EBOOT.PBP as obviously freeware.
The source code will be released a bit with a GPL or similar license.

I take no responsibility for any damages or problems caused to
your PSP by the use of this program. Use at your own risk.
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