PSP Infinity (Go) 2.0.3

Infinity: enables permanent CFW on PSP 6.60 / 6.61 (Go model)

  1. zfreeman
    # Infinity

    Infinity is a tool that enables persistent custom firmware on PSP firmware 6.60 and 6.61 for every model.

    ### Installation
    To install infinity, you must be on either firmware 6.60 or 6.61. If you have an old version of infinity (< 2.0), then you must uninstall it first by using [Chronoswitch 7 or higher][1].

    #### Instructions for PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 and Street
    Copy the file `EBOOT.PBP` to the `PSP/GAME/UPDATE` folder on your PSP. If this folder does not exist you may need to create it.

    #### Instructions for PSP Go
    Copy the file `EBOOT.PBP` to the `PSP/GAME/UPDATE` folder on your PSP Go. If this folder does not exist you may need to create it.

    #### Instructions for all PSP models
    Once the correct `EBOOT.PBP` file has been copied to your PSP, you can run the application to install infinity to your device. Re-running the application after installation will allow you to select which custom firmware you want enabled. You will need to run an installer for a custom firmware before enabling it within the infinity app.

    Infinity supports both PRO and ME custom firmwares. Consult the installation material for theses custom firmwares for further instructions.

    ### Troubleshooting
    If you're experiencing some issues with infinity after installation there are a few methods you can use to diagnose the problem.

    #### Key-combos
    Infinity has several key-combos used for diagnosing issues.

    * Holding the `HOME` button on boot will start the PSP without automatically loading a custom firmware. This is useful when you accidentally have a custom firmware enabled but not installed and the PSP is crashing on boot.
    * Holding `RIGHT TRIGGER + SQUARE` will boot infinity into a diagnostic mode. In the event where holding the `HOME` button doesn't work this could be a way to figure out if there is some technical issue initiating the kernel exploit. The file will be written to `infinity_error.bin` on the root of the memory stick (even on PSPgo).
    * Holding `RIGHT TRIGGER + TRIANGLE` will boot infinity into a special recovery mode. This recovery mode is very basic and simply loads the file `recovery.bin` to an address specified in the file and executes it. **There is currently no recovery software included with infinity.**

    #### Removing infinity
    To remove infinity, please use [Chronoswitch][1] to reflash the firmware.

    ### Socials
    Follow me on twitter [@DaveeFTW][2], and [check out my blog][3].

    ### License
    This software is licensed under the MIT license. A copy of the license is available in the LICENSE file.

    [1]: https://github.com/DaveeFTW/chronoswitch
    [2]: https://twitter.com/DaveeFTW
    [3]: https://lolhax.org
    Change log:
    6.60 support
    6.61 support
    PSP Street (E1000) support
    Pause/Restore Game feature on PSP Go
    Fixed issues with XMB themes