Professor Layton en het Geheimzinnige Dorp (Curious Village Dutch Fan Translation) 0.86

The most recent version of the Dutch fan translation of Professor Layton and the Curious Village

  1. Some small changes

    Some small changes
  2. A lot of story text translated

    This update includes:
    • A lot of story text translated
    • 3 images that were forgotten somehow are translated now
    • A lot of textfixes
  3. A lot of text- and bugfixes

    - A lot of textfixes
    - Some bugfixes with characters doing weird in the conversations, and a pretty weird bug were some invisible spaces made some errors.
  4. All puzzles translated!

    This update includes:

    • 60 more translated puzzles, and with that all the puzzles are translated!
    • Some fixes
  5. Some small fixes

    I noticed that there was something wrong with the € in game, that is fixed now. Also has some other small fixes.
  6. Almost 50 more puzzles translated

    This update includes:

    • Almost 50 more puzzles
    • Some more dialog translated
    • A bunch of textfixes (there are still some errors left in the dialog i believe, so if you find one, please tell me.
  7. More dialog translated, and also fixed a bunch of errors.

    New in this update:
    • More dialog translated (I believe that Chapter 3 and 4 are translated now)
    • A bunch of textfixes
  8. This version has all pictures translated!

    New things in this update:
    • All pictures translated
    • Minor textfix