Professor Layton en het Geheimzinnige Dorp (Curious Village Dutch fan translation) 0.76

The most recent version of the Dutch fan translation of Professor Layton and the Curious Village

  1. A lot of text- and bugfixes

    - A lot of textfixes
    - Some bugfixes with characters doing weird in the conversations, and a pretty weird bug were some invisible spaces made some errors.
  2. All puzzles translated!

    This update includes:

    • 60 more translated puzzles, and with that all the puzzles are translated!
    • Some fixes
  3. Some small fixes

    I noticed that there was something wrong with the € in game, that is fixed now. Also has some other small fixes.
  4. Almost 50 more puzzles translated

    This update includes:

    • Almost 50 more puzzles
    • Some more dialog translated
    • A bunch of textfixes (there are still some errors left in the dialog i believe, so if you find one, please tell me.
  5. More dialog translated, and also fixed a bunch of errors.

    New in this update:
    • More dialog translated (I believe that Chapter 3 and 4 are translated now)
    • A bunch of textfixes
  6. This version has all pictures translated!

    New things in this update:
    • All pictures translated
    • Minor textfix