Professor Layton en het Geheimzinnige Dorp (Curious Village Dutch Fan Translation) 0.86

The most recent version of the Dutch fan translation of Professor Layton and the Curious Village

  1. Timmerito



    163/163 (100%)
    Dialog: 4? of 9 chapters
    Comments on surroundings: 100%
    Bonus: 100% (including puzzles)
    Layton's Journal: 100%
    Mysteries: 100%
    Locations: 100%
    Missions: 100%
    Subtitles: 100%
    Inn text: 100%
    Images: 100%

    How to use:
    1. Download xDelta and the patch.
    2. Open xDeltaUI.exe
    3. Choose PLEHGD.xdelta as patch
    4. Choose the EU version of Professor Layton and the Curious Village, other versions will NOT work!
    5. Choose a directory to save your patched rom.
    6. Put your patched ROM on your flashcard or play it with an emulator.
    xDelta: http://www.romhacking.net/download/utilities/598/

    Access to DLC:

    Because Nintendo shut down WFC you will have to use this save file to get access to the DLC (WiFi) puzzles! Don't forget to give it the same name as the ROM, because otherwise it won't work.


    Have fun!
    Change log:
    - A lot of story text translated
    - 3 images that were forgotten somehow are translated now
    - A lot of textfixes

    - A lot of textfixes
    - Some bugfixes with characters doing weird in the conversations, and a pretty weird bug were some invisible spaces made some errors.
    - A tiny bit of story text translated.
    - 2 forgotten pictures translated. There is one picture that isn't translated right now, but i think that that one will be never translated :(

    - 60 puzzles translated (All puzzles are translated now).
    - Some fixes.

    - Some small fixes like the € in game.

    - Almost 50 more puzzles translated
    - Some more dialog translated
    - A bunch of text fixes (there are still some errors left in the dialog i believe, so if you find one, please tell me.

    - More dialog translated (I believe that Chapter 3 and 4 are translated now)
    - A bunch of text fixes

    - A bunch of puzzles translated
    - Some more dialog translated
    - Some text fixes

    - All pictures translated
    - Minor text fixes


    1. Layton 03-02-2018 def def__21141.png
    2. Layton 14-02-2018 beginlogo test__22265.png
    3. Layton 19-04-2018 Tekxtfix test__12341.png
    4. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__21077.png
    5. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__21136.png
    6. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__21319.png
    7. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__21348.png
    8. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__21420.png
    9. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__21492.png
    10. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__22736.png
    11. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__22772.png
    12. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__22844.png
    13. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__23017.png
    14. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__23089.png
    15. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__23124.png
    16. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__23147.png
    17. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__23200.png
    18. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__23229.png
    19. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__23271.png
    20. Layton 26-01-2018 Patch voor publiek__Hoofdstuk.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rockman
    Version: 0.86
    Looks nice needs some input for a full complete!

    The Mega account is nolonger active so, use AR codes to activate all extra puzzles. The codes are valid for all EU versions of the Game. The extra puzzles only have to be activated once. make shure you save your game to add the puzzles permanently.

    All Extra Puzzles Available (163 Puzzles):
    622B1998 00000000
    022B1E44 0000001B
    022B1E4C 080B0777
    022B1E50 080B0E7E
    022B1E54 080B1559
    022B1E58 080B1C9A
    022B1E5C 080C059E
    022B1E60 080C0C61
    022B1E64 080C133D
    022B1E68 080C1A64
    022B1E6C 09010272
    022B1E70 09010980
    022B1E74 09011092
    022B1E78 0901179C
    022B1E7C 09011E84
    022B1E80 090206A2
    022B1E84 09020D95
    022B1E88 0902144B
    022B1E8C 09021B4C
    022B1E90 0903068A
    022B1E94 09030D68
    022B1E98 0903146E
    022B1E9C 09031B7F
    022B1EA0 09040393
    022B1EA4 09040A99
    022B1EA8 0904119D
    022B1EAC 09041894
    022B1EB0 09050196
    022B1EB4 0905088B
    D2000000 00000000
  2. saimas
    Version: 0.71
    Een erg handige patch, Goed vertaald en een mooi logo. ik zou hier zelf graag ook aan mee willen werken.