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Powernoid 4e

Powernoid is my homage to the Amiga family of comuters. It's a Breakout clone with powerup features. This game was inspired by MegaBall, a game I use to play on the Amiga CD32 which also inspired DX-Ball for Windows.

Powernoid is coded from scratch. The program itself is entirely my original work with the exception of the Intrafont library by BenHur used for printing text to the screen, and sounds that were scavenged from various free sources on the internet, and In game music by Drax.

The idea is to destroy all bricks on each level by hitting the ball toward them with the paddle. As the player progresses through the levels, some powerups are available to make this job easier. Some bad powerups also make the game harder! 100 points is also awarded for hitting a powerup brick.

Unlike the games mentioned above, powerups in this game remain active as the player progresses through stages, and can accumulate, but all powerups are reset when a life is lost.

The player begins the game with three lives, each of which is lost when a ball is missed. The game is over when all three lives are lost. An extra life can be gained by hitting an extra life powerup brick. One will randomly appear in any 1 of the 15 stages, and another will appear in one of the first five stages. Both appear in a random position on the third row of bricks.

In any stage when only one brick is left on the screen, a timer begins. If the timer reaches a set time before the last brick is hit (approximately 10 seconds), the brick will explode, and 100 points will be awarded. You may like to avoid hitting the last brick in any stage to achieve this goal.
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