Pokemon White 2 All 649 Pokemon (PokeBank READY) 2.0

  1. Xexyz
    NOTE: Darkrai from Box 7 is blocked.
    NOTE: Farfetch'd from Box 9 is blocked.
    NOTE: Machoke from Box 13 is blocked.
    NOTE: I will include a fix in 2.1

    100% Save with all 649 Pokemon!
    This was made for PokeBank so this is ready to transfer.
    These are legal pokemon caught from other games.
    Some are legally Gen'd pokemon. I have included a special
    treat with a completely legal (Gen'd) Mew! Original save file
    made by user "green89" at the GameFAQs forums. Credit to
    her. Pokecheck verified pokemon. If any problems, please contact me on GBATemp.
    My username is "Xexyz". This was made to avoid paying money to PokeEdit for all the 649 pokemon!